Never Give Up!

I don’t have anything to share much about my pre-departure to U.S.A., except that I am very excited for this trip and feel really grateful to have this opportunity. (and also very busy preparing everything including my work before leaving)

So I would like to share my experience and my lesson learned on applying for this Professional fellow.

First, I’ve come to know YSEALI, when one of my acquaintance send me a program and encourage me to apply on the program. It was YSEALI Go NGO workshop. Back then in 2015, I didn’t had much experience, regarding on what I was working on. I submitted the application but I didn’t got selected. After that I always got newsletter from YSEALI and also try applying on the next fellowship “Professional Fellow Program”. I didn’t got selected again and again and I keep trying.I was always wanted to improve myself and increase my skills. I only think that I still have a chance at least to try until my age reach the program eligible limit. This YSEALI Professional Fellow Fall 2019 is my 6th application. I really feel grateful to myself that I decided to never give up. 

Moreover, each time I wrote my application, I learn about myself more. I understand myself and my motivation more. I know my experience on my field and increased my writing skills through the application process. I think this is also one of an advantage of applying on this program.

I hope that my message will help encourage anyone who still don’t believe in yourself, hesitate to apply or didn’t got selected to not give up on yourself and keep applying. There still much more in this world out there to amaze you. 

Don’t give up! You can do it!

Ps. The picture was took at Mt. Bromo, Indonesia, when I was participating in Campaign Strategy Fellowship in 2018. (just to represent “never give up” lol)



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