Time to FLY’ with New BOOK of Life, Chapter 01: My Name is Yaowalak

“Am I good Enough” I have an opportunities to read Michalle Obama Book and I am very touching with this sentences. I always asking my self in every morning when I woke up that What am I going to do today and How the way to develop myself to becoming A professionally women in one day.

After second time of register with YSEALI, Finally I got selected with the program and USA embassy. When I look back to an interviews Day I just remember one of the question that very matching with Michalle Obama sentence: Committee asking me is ” Yaowalak, Why we should selecting you to become a Fellows in this programe” , In my point of view after hearing the question is I understand that they want to know Why am I think that I am good enough for this programe and such as I am answer and reply to them:

“I just not a perfect girl, but I will try my best to make everything perfct, seem as I’m maybe not a Best Chioce but I am Good Enough for this programe and that why I come to apply with YSEALI”

After two week of interview day’s, I got an email from ICMA to invited me to join in this Programe. I feel like my dream will become true and I see it with opportunitees to help and to support my community areas of work and I am very excited to develop and fulfill myself under this programe.

Just Like I said before “My New Chapter is already begin, and this is very concrete picture when I have an orientation with USA Embassy in Bangkok, On 10 September 2019 that I have a first met with my Thai Fellow friends and we are talking and discussing about our plan of work and our plan to become a leaders under this programe. After meeting I am strongly telling my self that “Yaowalak did you know you have many thinks to learn and you will have a good memeories and friendship with each others on this time, this is you opportunity: Let’s go and enjoy it”.

And I promise to myself is:

I will try my best and I will prepare myself to become Good Enough and Get Ready for evey challenges that are wating for me.

In this sentences, I want to say Thank you for all of committee who trusting on me and give me a chance. I will take intention and I will work hard and play harder with my fellow friend and my host. I can’t wait to meet up with my host organization and I hope everything will be desirable, be kind, funny and I will got many new knowledges to use in my community place of work.

And of course, Like I said this is only first step and just like a cover of my book. If you want to gain more experiences and want to continued reading about next chepters of my book ….. How about my trip in Washington D.C. and also others city in The United States……

Plese waiting for the Chepters Two in the real soon !!!!!!!


YSEALI Fellows 2019: Thai Fellow on first orientation in USA Embassy, Bangkok Thailand.

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