Week 1 : Who this do reduce food waste? πŸ°πŸ₯’πŸ•πŸ₯•

Hello! My name is Ching Yee, I think by the time you read this we already talked to each other, or not (it’s okay, we’ll talk soon). I’m just going to leverage on YSEALI Professional fellowship week 1 blog to write my “dear diary, rescue food” moment.

I am working with a social enterprise Grub Cycle (You Malaysian ah? download the app ya) that distributes surplus foods to people, we connect it many ways, from groceries distributors to cafes and bakeries and one of my passion, is helping farmers and vegetable distributors sell surplus vegetables to low income urban poor.

Here come the question someone asked me before, and something I’ve been thinking about


the answer is YES!

Food waste is more than just food waste, food waste can contribute to other factor of waste too……..

Let’s take chocolate for example…….
  1. Waste of Labour: To produce chocolates required LABOUR to make it happen, farmers to plant the cocoa trees, the industries worker making sure your chocolates are made at the right standard, the manpower that wraps your chocolate so that it look appealing to you, the transportation that deliver to your local supermarket ( You’re smart, you know where I’m going with this right?)
  2. Waste of natural resources (Land, Water): By throwing away that FINE chocolates, natural resource such as soil and clean water to grow cocoa trees have become wasted.
  3. Waste of MONEY (YOUR MONEY) we purchased our foods by trading the foods with our HARD EARN money, if you buy your foods and throw it into the bin, don’t that equavalent to you’re throwing your cash into the bin.

So, before we decide to be afraid of not “having enough” for myself and decided to stuff our kitchen like tomorrow is zombie apocalypse.

Why don’t we take a step back to make a change for a little. Plan our meal ahead before we go to supermarket. This small action does not only help us save food being wasted, and also save our money.

There is a Malay term saying ” sikit-sikit jadi bukit” little by little become a mountain.

Choose your mountain wisely, do you want your next view of mountain is a mountain with trees and birds or that mountain of rotten food?

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