Prabumulih-Celebrating 18 years!

Today, I was able to celebrate Prabumulih’s 18th city anniversary. It was an honor to be invited and was the first time a foreigner has ever attended. It is a formal event with everyone dressed up in their finest clothes to hear what the Mayor and Governor have to present about their community over the past year. As I watched the Mayor give his presentation of their goals and accomplishments, I was not able to understand the language but the PowerPoint and video told a story that I’m so familiar with – they have the same goals of a clean prideful city and the same challenges of funding and resources.
Pithan’s colleagues, citizens, business owners, elected officials have been so kind and grateful for someone from US to be in their city. Many of them have never seen a foreigner and are honored that I am here and that I am embracing their culture and wanting to learn so much. They, of course, want to learn from me as well.
In the two days that I have been here, I have made great friends that I hope to continue to share all of our goals and challenges. To be there for each other afar to listen or send a word of encouragement. This experience is one of a lifetime and I can’t thank ICMA/YSEALI and the City of Cedar Hill, TX enough for allowing me to participate.
Today, we plan to tour their Waste Bank and visit a junior high school to learn about their green efforts and share mine. More to come…

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