Happy Birthday Prabumulih!!

Today, I was up early to attend Prabumulih’s carnival, also known as a parade in the U.S. it started at 5:30am and would go well into the evening. We stayed for a few hours. This city faces so many challenges like many others in SE Asia, such as infrastructure, environmental, and non-existent enforcement as it relates to public nuisances. However, the few hours I visited this carnival, there is so very much pride for their city! So many schools participated in the parade promoting recycling, no littering, and air quality control. Their customs were made of newspaper and plastics.

Yesterday, I visited a junior high school that had received a national green award. Their campus has zero waste, community garden, green house made of plastic bottles and a system to capture rain water. Their campus was so beautiful and the students were very prideful of their accomplishments. I was asked to give them some tips from the U.S. to assist with their initiatives. However, I will be going home with ideas from them! These kids get it!

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