“Excellent Experiences in Washington D.C”

Since the day I left from my country (Myanmar) for U.S.A on 13 Oct 2019 due to being selected to participate in Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiatives (YSEALI) Program on the title of Environment and Sustainable Development, I was so excited. I arrived in Washington D.C ( District of Columbia) on 14.Oct 2019 where named after the first U.S president George Washington.

The program is very nice with incredible arrangement by ICMA for all of fellows and selecting fellows who can lead community development from Southeast Asian after participating in this program. we all met in D.C on 14 Oct 209 and visited some famous places around the city such as National Museum of African American History , U.S Capitol is the home of United States, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Temple and Union Station as well. I had lots of fun and It was wonderful for me as I felt like everything is different from my country like Culture, Foods, Weather, land and as well as language.

And I had excellent orientation at National Association of Counties for 2 days before leaving for my host community, New Orleans which is the city in the state of Louisiana the in United State. It was really fruitful and helped me a lot for staying in New Orleans city for a month.

Even for a week of staying in Washington D.C, I really have found many different things to learn and very exciting to run my activities smoothly and take many of technical supports from my host community as well. Thanks to ICMA and the program, YSEALI. See you next week !!!

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