My First Week at Washington, D.C.

A Visit to Capitol Hill

I could not imagine how time flies in Washington, D.C. Before I arrive here, I was nervous that is it okay for me to adopt the culture and rules in this country. But I could make it and even I feel like home apart from freezing weather.

Meeting with my ASEAN friends is a pleasure for me. We are rolling around Washington, D.C. together. We attended the two day orientation session conducted by ICMA, which I learned more about ICMA. Yeah, I asked a lot of questions on the presentation.

The most important thing I learned from the presentation is ” A Leader must be the Ethic Driven” especially at work. I have learned a mistake of mine in work ethic. I told myself that I would not make the same mistake again in future.

I also would like to mentioned here my sincere thanks to Tony, Kara and Tyler for all the arrangements and supports.

Today, I am traveling to Nashville to participate ICMA Annual Conference. So my next post will be Nashville. Please feel free to like and share.

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