The very first experience in Greensboro, NC

First and second day in Greensboro, North Carolina, US
According to the community challenge that I proposed in my application, I and my co-fellow Riza Magbitang from Philippines were arranged by ICMA to do our fellowships in Guilford County, City of Greensboro and High Point for 4 weeks.
We were warmly welcomed by our host Michael Halford, Director of Budget, Management and Evaluation of Guilford County. He even filmed the American Airlines aircaft when it landed Greensboro airport as a treat for us!
The first day in Greensboro is beautiful with sunshines and mild breezes. We stay in two Airbnb flats in the student housing of North Carolina University Greensboro (UNCG). Mine is a lovely and cozy flat with best location!
Michael and us experienced a busy and festive day in UNCG campus cause October 19 is the homecoming day of the University with lots of activities. Felt like we are younger and being student again! The welcome dinner with our hosts was great with bibimbap in US style, it had such nice decoration to eat though😄😄😄
Today is Sunday and I have chance to go around and explore Greensboro centre of business in the weekend on my own. As I was walking, I could see and read every single statue and sculpture around the area to get to know more about this place. I like the peaceful beauty of this city! I also found a nice bookstore where book lovers can drink coffee and enjoy classical guitar performance in the downtown. I stayed there for an hour and ended up buying a kid book for my little son.
Ahead is a busy week full of activities to better understand and learn about our host community but I feel very excited now!

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