Pocahontas and Free Willy!! Childhood flash back.

After the last day of the orientation, Friday October 18, ICMA took us to the African American Museum and booked us a tour in the Capitol hill. I’ve never been in the African American Museum before. I’ve learned more about the history. The museum was very big and we can’t finished every floor. I have also tried the expensive Grit with shrimp inspired by African American fool. it was very delicious though. The Capitol hill also very nice. I’m not sure I’m already been there or not but what interested me is the drawing picture of Pocahontas. Maybe I didn’t pay attention before so I just realized that Pocahontas (Disney) is actually based on the true story and even have more role in the history of America. 

Drawing picture of Pocahontas in the Capitol hill.

On the next day other fellow scheduled to depart to their host organization, but I still have one more day to explore in D.C. I and my friend went to Botanical garden near the Capitol hill and then went to Native American Museum. I really love this museum. There I have listen to music band that 2 of the lead singers are Native American and singing Native American songs. I also learned more information about Pocahontas. [I’m actually a fan of Disney and I can sing Pocahontas song too. lol].

Music band. (Will edit more information when I find their brochure)

In the Native American Museum I also saw an orca logos that reminded me of an orca totem that one native american (I guess) gave to Jasse in “Free Willy” movie. I wish I have a chance to see the real orca in the wild for once in my life. I didn’t have much time to buy something in the gift shop. I really like this museum and plan to come back again in the last week of YSEALI program in D.C.. I’m also wish I have a chance to experience more of native American traits here in the U.S.

That’s it for now. I’m in Nashville, TN attending ICMA Annual Conference. Will catch up more later.

Love ♡


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