Sustainable Use of Forest at Spring Green Timber Growers

In many parts of the world, natural resources are constantly violated by human without any consideration of sustaining those resources for the next generations or for the benefit of other living organism in the areas of violation. Yet, at Spring Green Timber Growers, the utilization of natural resources in the private land of the owner, Jim Birkemeier, have always been praised for sustainable forest practices.


Jim owns about 150 hectares of land where many species of fauna and flora strive, and he has had his own family business in that land for decades now. Instead of cutting down all the good trees and selling the woods to the big companies or industries, his ideas of logging is very different as he is very significant on the choice made on  trees to be cut. Most often, only the dying and dead tree will be marked for logging leaving the healthy trees to grow to its potential. He tries to make use of all trees; no matter the quality of it being low or high. This not only enable a healthy ecosystem in the forest, but it also helps sustaining the resources for future usage. He processes his timbers from the beginning until reaching the final products ranging from creating woods flooring and other types of furniture to developing small woods souvenirs using laser machinery before selling it to the local or international markets. His wife, Tracy, is currently the main contributor to running the workshop producing creative artistic wooden souvenirs.


Souvenirs-making place at Spring Green operating by Tracy and Jim

In addition, his work helps employing people from various background to generate income for their families. Jim also contributes to educating and sharing of information to individuals, groups or any institution who have the interest in sustaining the forest or initiating similar family businesses. He used to be invited to several conferences and meetings throughout the world to share about his sustainable businesses.


Jim is hugging a tree to measure its size

I am very impressed by SPTG’s work, and Jim’s passion in the forest and in helping others in acquiring the knowledge and providing methods in promoting the local forest and sustaining it.

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