3rd Blog: The Water in Eugene Oregon and Philippines

As per the World Health Organization, under average conditions, the average volume of water needed of a person is 2.35 Liters per day, it will be increased to 4.5 Liters per day if the person is in a temperate country. The low intake of water is associated with some chronic diseases and in worst cases it will causes fatality. Based on that information, water is important to human, as they say, water is life. Therefore, water system was developed and built to have an easy access to water.

Oregon State is located on the northwestern part of United States, the 9th largest state having a 4.191 Million populations as of 2018. The 98,000 square miles (250,000 km2) land area covers with forests, mountain ranges, farms and beaches. Eugene, one of the city of Oregon, is my host city, having a population of more or less 160,000 and 4th most populated county in Oregon. The water and electricity distribution of Eugene are being run by Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB).

Comparing it to the Philippines, we are surrounded by sea water with 7,641 total numbers of islands. However, in the total area of 300,000 square kilometers (74,131,614.4 acres), only 1,830 square kilometers (444,789.7 acres) are covered with water that are being used for any purposes. Philippines is located in the western Pacific Ocean, bounded by Taiwan in the North, Vietnam & Cambodia in the west, and Brunei & Indonesia in the south. We only have two (2) weather patterns; dry and wet season. The annual average rainfall that we are experiencing is 2,400 millimeter (94.5 inches) and the highest recorded rainfall is 5000 millimeter (196.85 inches). Considering those amount of rainfall that we are experiencing during wet season, we still experiencing water crisis and drought during summer season. Water distribution is being operated by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage (MWSS) in the National Capital Region and Local Water Utility Authority (LWUA) representing the water districts and waterworks in the provinces.

Photo presentation by Patrick Dizon: Information about the Philippines.

In the contrary, Water in Oregon is abundant since the state is located mostly in rainforest watersheds. EWEB sole source of drinking water is McKenzie River which is 90 miles (145-kilometers) long and has an average discharge volume of 2897 cubic foot per second (82 cubic meter per second). It is one of the tributary rivers of one of the largest river in Oregon, Willamette River. When I see their water source, I got envied because of its abundant flow of water and the quality in terms of turbidity is very good, which is easier and cheap to treat and distribute.

Photo taken at the McKinzie River, the sole source of raw water of Eugene Oregon .

The Philippines is one of the countries blessed with abundance of natural resource since we are located and surrounded by water but it tends to be available in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and in the wrong quality.

Philippine Water Resources, First National Assessment, National Water Resources Council Report.

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