Time to Fly’ With New Book of Life, Chapter 02: Here on Texas!!!

“Why am Here” After an announcement that I’m becoming one of the Fellow research in this program. I am definitely aware of my role and the things that I should do under the project. For a month after Fellow research result, in the final, I already know what the city that I will go to. Based on my work and the placed on United State is also doing well on the same project as me. Finally, I am on the way to the City of South Padre Island, Texas.

Why Texas, this city is called “The Cow – Boy City” right and that why I should be there. Ok, I will let all of you know it in this blog, Come on everyone.

The reason “Why am on Texas” is the city that I will go have the physical background like my working areas, at the same time the city take action strongly  to manage comprehensive planning with flooding situation in their areas. And the important thing is there also have good masterplan and skill of practice with disasters, almost of flooding, shoreline erosion, and storm surge. I will have many opportunities to work with the real team of the situations and I can’t wait to be there.

Welcome To The City of South Padre Island :))

On Saturday 19 October 2019. After taking quite long flights with two transit lines, Yeah Finally I am already here!! Woohoo!!!! Welcome to Texas and also the City of South Padre Island.

First Time in Texas ….
Nice to meet you all, especially my Liberty Boy 😀

When I arrive in Harlingen Airports Texas. I met for the first time with a beautiful lady who is my host – organization. She going to be here for pick up me and her name is Angelique Soto or you can call her shortly is “Nikki”

With my beautiful Host, Nikki

With my first week here is pretty well, everything looks so different that it makes me so much fun and exciting to surrounding the city. Nikki brings me and has a short briefing with every place in the city. I enjoy it so much at this moment. Moreover, I have an opportunity to do any activities with city staff and city members, they plan several activities for me. I will go to meet with The City Manager and leaders of all departments, such as Administrative services, Planning department, Emergency management, Public information and also Public works, Shoreline managements, and Department reports. It not all of them, just the beginning time to say hi and greet with the city staff members. I am on my role to take action and observation with their work, their lesson learns and their practices day by day. On Wednesday I’m going to Brown villages Port with Mr. Aaron, he is a director of the planning department. He brings me to know about logistics and the processing of garbage management. Moreover, I have an opportunity for a short introduction about myself and talking with all leaders who join me on this trip. This is very nice and exciting more is I meet the dolphin, they just came and swimming nearly our ship. That so kind and very impressive at this moment.

With my first – week activities on Here 01
With my first – week activities on Here 02
With my first – week activities on Here 03

And after my work routines is done, I have a time to walking on the beach, taking good pictures with nice view in The Island and also have a good memories with people in this place. Just like I said before’ this is a nice started to me and my host organization to know about each other’s more and more every day.

Enjoy my moment 01
Enjoy my moment 02

Last but not least, I am much appreciated to be here with kindness people who give me warmly welcome and take care of me with minded. No matter that they already faced with Tornado here and show me about very worry to me, however for me this is good opportunities that I can learn with their work, with their lesson learns and I am very proud that I will become the one of city team to manage this problem. I think maybe just only I have received this chance. Not bad for the beginning.

Let’s enjoy my time here!!!

Can’t Wait for My Third blog that I will tell with the details of my work and life here as real soon!!!!


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