Chapter 2 : City of Dubuque, Iowa. First Weekend

Here goes the second chapter of my experience in Dubuque, Iowa. At first sight and internet search, Dubuque seems pretty fun place with historic buildings besides river of Mississippi. I made some research about Dubuque city too and one of the interesting fact is Dubuque was the first established town in Iowa founded by Julian Dubuque in 1785. The current population is about 65,000 and the crime rates is really low here.

I started my travel from Washington DC to Dubuque by transiting Chicago which taken about four hours total travel time. Oh! I am alone again this time at Dubuque, but that would not be a big problem. I reached here around 4.30pm and greeted by a wonderful lady with USA balloon and of course the first thing to is, Picture! Then, she brought me to house to fetch somethings and help me to check in for the whole stays in Dubuque. I really appreciate the City of Dubuque prepare all of these to me.
The wonderful lady I mentioned just now named Phyllis Lee brought me for dinner and met her sister and brother in law too. The night ended with laughter and good times to be remembered.

The second day in Dubuque was so great to me. We went to the Fenelon Place Elevator (it’s the world’s shortest, steepest scenic railway, where by day or night you’ll get a great view of the historic Dubuque business district, the Mississippi River and three states). Yes, that is what it is.
Then we headed to potluck at a catholic place within Dubuque county. There are so many people there attending the event and a lot of food!

I think that is all about the weekend in Dubuque and I will write about the busy weekday at city hall in short while. For now, let me have my good coffee and see you on the next chapter. It’s going to be serious, guys.

Believe me, see you soon!

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