Week 2: I wasted some food🗑

One thing Malaysia and the US have in common is



Because the food portions in the U.S are BIG, the amount of food I wasted is equivalent to an extra 1 meal for someone.

If you don’t already know,

FOOD WASTE is the 3rd contributor to GLOBAL WARMING! Right after CHINA and The U.S

So here’s what I learned to help avoid food waste…..and I think some of us can take this as a best practice.

  1. Share your meal with your friend (Thank you THI! You’re awesome! for sharing most of the meal with me)


2. Takeaway your excess meal, and have it for dinner or tomorrow lunch.

But…….if you think save the excess food on your plate doesn’t matter

Here is the math….

If you had $10 for dinner, and you save that excess for tomorrow lunch (and say your lunch may cost you $10)

$10 lunch x 30days = $300 saved in a month AND $300 x 12 months = $3600 saved in a year

You got extra $3600 just because you’re eating your excess food, and with that $3600 you can buy whatever you always wanted. Sooo…..

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