“If you love New Orleans, She will love you back”

It has been for a week of staying in New Orleans City in Louisiana state that is located in southern Part of America on the Mississippi River near the gulf of Mexico. The city is very pleasant with lots of natural beautiful places such as City Park, French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Pontchartrain Lake and traditional festivals celebrating very often.

I feel very lucky to be here for 4 weeks. the city has population of 343,829, also the biggest city in Louisiana. the city is very place to visit and the people in this city are very friendly. the weather is flexible with all kind of people with only the coldest temperature is 15 degree Celsius and warm. It is said this period is the best time to visit New Orleans.

Here we started,

After staying in the city for 2 days, I was brought to Loop Nola Office where I will be hosted. There are many interesting things, the office is implementing . we walked in to the forest and even tried on rowing- boat for pleasure and walked around the city park as well. the city park is very spacious where most people visiting in the city.

In the next days, I went to New Canal Light House which is on the side of Pontchartrain Lake.

We had research on water quality and Eco system with some students. It was very interesting for me as I had opportunity to measure water quality based on three types of water. 1. Fresh Water, 2. Brackish water where fresh water and river meets the sea . we can also definite , combination of freshwater and salty sea water is brackish water and 3. Salt Water. the method is very excellent and the students are very willing to learn as well. the most interesting thing is Pontchartrain Lake and New Canal light house. the light house was first established in 1838. Actually, current light house is 5th building. means there were other 4 light houses before this building but it has been still using woods that used in the first light house in 1838. the light house mainly shows the weather condition for everyday.

And don’t you want to know about Pontchartrain Lake? Oh, it is totally interesting in the U.S. the lake is approximately 40 miles wide, 24 mile across and only 12-15 feet deep with lots of huge water waves. is it not incredible? it is also the largest of three sister lakes connected to gulf of Mexico containing brackish water. the lake is re-opened in 2006 to recreation as the water quality was improved. Anyhow, the Pontchartrain lake is wonderful success story for all who helped bring it back to good health.

Dear all, You should really come and visit New Orleans City. She will love you !!!

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