Chapter 3: City of Dubuque!

I spent good weekend here in Dubuque. So, the weekdays started with meeting the person in contact of the week, Wally Vernimont (he is tall, guys). We went for City of Dubuque overview, understanding the county, city limits and some surface administrative briefing. After lunch, I met the City Manager for presentation.

Assistant City Manager, Cori Burbach had arranged every detailed down the itinerary well. Even everyone seems busy with their tasks, they really make time for me to explain about the city and their responsibility. I got the opportunity to attend the leadership team meeting that held every two weeks. This meeting will gather all leaders of division for any update or discussion. Gina Bell, the coordinator for Sustainable City really had clear vision and mission on their direction.
I meet John Klosterman, the Public Work Director and I can relate well with the work I do back home. The department maintain the city in all aspect, the city fleet including flood protection wall. Currently, they are planning and getting ready for wonder and snow to plow and salt the road. I learned many things about their structure and how to improve my job at my home country.

After that, It was so wonderful to understand the waste collection in this city. I was briefed by Anderson Sainci and he arranged for me for garbage truck ride! I learned the routes-making, new drivers training, GPS tracking, how to educate the people to follow the rules and system made by the city on food waste, yard waste, general waste and ♻️ recycle waste. I am also interested on how they manage their announcements and updates using apps, so systematically done.

I also manage to meet Rick Steines from Fire Department for presentation on emergency response. Jackie Hunter is responsible for multicultural Family Center and Susan Hendricks at library tour. It’s not an usual library, guys.

Last but not least, I attended a conference organize by City of Dubuque, Growing Sustainable Communities Conference. This conference were held for two days. Many topics presented and I learned so much from the presentation. Oh! Before that, I attended the conference with other fellow, Li Seng from Singapore! We had good dinner together too.

That’s all for now, see you on another chapter of exploration, Stay tune!

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