Gossip Girls and Night out in Nashville, TN.

Me and my 2 friends, one from Myanmar and one from Philippine are the only 3 participants that our host requested to the organizer to allow us to join ICMA annual conference in Nashville, TN. It turned out that not only we had the chance to learn more from the session and met a lot of cool people in the conference, we also had the chance to exchange our personal stories and culture of our own countries. We shared about our love stories, our boyfriends, family, and tradition. I didn’t expect that I will got really nice friends and that we will become close friends with only few days. We even planed that we will go to each other wedding in the future.

Me and my friend took this chance to visit the Parthenon.

We also went to a bar called “Honky Tong” in the last night in Nashville. We really had a great time together. Moreover, my friend host organization really took care of us well. We got a really warm welcome dinner on our first night there and they took care of us until the last day. Tony Mazzucco was so cool. He invited his friends to join us in the bar after they finished their Saloon party. I really felt warm and more safe when they came. There are some guys tried to talk with us and I felt more comfortable taking with our friend more than them.

Welcome Dinner by my friend host organization from Norwood.
Night out at Honky Tong

Last Wednesday October, 23rd, we just flew on our separated way. to our host organization. I really missed them and missed our conversation so much.

Ps. Tony got this really cool drink “Raspberry and Vodka” I forgot the other name he told me but I will keep drinking this nice drink next time. Love it.

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