My first busy week in Arlington, MA

Having a busy week with my host- Mrs. Charlotte with full of interesting activities is wonderful. We started to have the unofficial morning breakfast where we can meet with many people from the Arlington government who all care about the environmental issues in general and about plastic management in particular. Thanks for Charlotte to arrange the cozy breakfast to help us meet some cool people such as Mr. Mike- the Director of Arlington Work Department, the Planning Department and Mayor of the town who really cares about the sustainable development sector.

We also had a chance to join the Tiny House Festival with the main purpose of promoting the minimalist lifestyle which is less stressful and good for the environment as well. It was such a nice day with a clear blue sky, full of tiny house styles and music. I have met many like-minded people during the festival.


The other day of our first week, we also have a chance to be a volunteer in FoodLink- the local NGO with the mission of rescuing the food waste and feeding the community at the same time. There are over 200 volunteers and most of them are old people, this really impresses me. Another organization we have visited and talked to is the Fox Library where is combining the idea of donating the used items to the community and supporting the reading value.

Staying in Massachusetts means you will have MIT, Harvard, and Boston in your list to visit and of course they are not out of my list. We had a chance to visit MIT to experience a bit of the student life here by meeting the Ph.D. student and a former student there. Visiting Harvard University made my dream come true. I could not express how happy I was when being there this Fall. All are amazing in front of my eyes.


We end our week with the trip to New York City. We went to Connecticut to enjoy the peaceful, warmly and romantic of this place in Autumn before heading to New York City which is modern, full of skyscraper buildings and noisy. New York gave me the insight of how busy it is and full of history it has.

My first week is great with many experiences I have had and I am looking for a new week with other cool people to meet and other opportunities to join. I am really grateful to have Mrs.Charlotte as my host with all the arrangements she did and will do for us.

Thanks Sam for your cute Halloween cake!

Happy new week, happy Halloween everyone 🙂

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