Helen and Bill, My New Grandparents in Different Part of the World

I have been home-staying at Jim and Tracy house for two weeks now at Spring Green, Wisconsin. Here, I got the chance to be introduced to Jim’s Parents, Helen and Bill who are more than 90 years old. My first impression was that they were healthy, responsive and very wise despite their ages. They welcomed me like their own son or grandson in their home located just nearby, and I felt so happy interacting with them.



Helen, me and Bill at their house 

Bill used to be a professor lecturing engineering (if I’m not wrong) at a renown university in Madison, Wisconsin for 30 years before retiring 30 years ago. His hearing, unfortunately, has been deteriorating in the past few years. Helen, on the other hand, was a housewife, a mother to 5 kids, a gardener, a farmer and a social worker when she was younger. Currently, she is strong, energetic and healthy enough to keep on being a fabulous housewife who can still do most of the housework at home, but, once in a while, she got help from a kind woman from town. Despite her age, she still manages to regularly write for local newspaper about agriculture, wilderness, survival skill …etc; I heard people, in town, like her writing a lot. She has also given me a few of her books to read.

I got invited to two dinners with them in the past 2 weeks. Guess what, I had the most delicious pork ribs and pies I have ever had before (I also had a very delicious BBQ beef burger made by Jim too). Helen’s cooking skill is out of the world, I would confirm. We had a pleasant time sharing experiences, culture and tradition during our time together. Getting to communicate with them is an eye-opening and unique experiences for me as I have barely done so back at home. Bill’s humorous joke and Helen’s sharing of past experiences made me so happy and alive.


Helen and her out-of-the-world pork ribs at a dinner gathering in her house

I felt so much love from Helen and Bill. They really resemble my grandparents who passed away several years ago when I was abroad doing my master degree. They, too, were so kind and loving toward their grandchildren. I wish I were there in the last moment and in their funeral. I miss them a lot.

I am really glad to know Helen and Bill, my new grandparents in Spring Green. I would encourage people to communicate more with elderly people and those who are under 5 years old if they want to obtain the unique experience and feeling.

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