Green Team- Bright Future

I have a chance to meet this cool folk in a beautiful afternoon after their school time. Yap, they are students from Gibbs School- the elementary school in Arlington town, MA and they are 6th Grade students.

They are supper cool, knowledgable, active and really passionate about recycling and single use plastic, and more impressive that they do care about the future of the Mother Earth. So what the Green Team have done and will do? They are a group of 5-10 boys and girls in the school, together they run many activities such as collecting trash in the school area, public areas, categorizing trash into recyclable, compostable and unrecyclable items. They also make the video about recycle and plastic topic and show the whole school to raise awareness of other students about the issue and call for the action. The other action they wanna do after having the conversation with us are that they wanna have the presentation to encourage the other students to go to the water fountain to refill their bottle water instead of line up for 5 mins to buy a new plastic bottle water, or they wanna do picking trash from the beach area.

Their actions are simple but the impact will be amazing. Its so inspried to talk to this cute folk. With this Green Team, our future is brighter 😁

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