Is Climate Change Real? —- 93 Years of History just Change on Halloween Day After Irregular Snow in Wisconsin

So, i watched the local weather forecast today with my host Jim, and what struck me the most is the arrival of snow very early this year. Most importantly, many cities and towns in Wisconsin experienced the snowiest Halloween they have ever experienced for more than 90 years. Likewise, in Milwaukee, Spring Green and Madison, the snow has reached its highest record. “Communities across southeast Wisconsin accumulated multiple inches of snow by 5 p.m” (Journal Sentinal, published on 10/31/2019). Elkhorn and Burlington recorded 7.5 inches, Grafton recorded 7 inches, Brookfield and Waukesha 6.8 inches, West Allis 6.6, Kewaskum 6 and Sheboygan 5.3, and about 5 inches in Racine County’s North Bay village, according to the weather service. Meanwhile in Spring Green where I am staying, the snow reached 6 inches on Halloween breaking its  previous record nearly a hundred year ago. Tonight on the 31st of Oct, 2019 at Washington DC., there is also a report on tornado warning which brings about question on what is happening these days?


6 inches of snow in Spring Green, Wisconsin

The change is not just happening in the US. In the case of my country, Cambodia also faced the highest temperature ever recorded several years ago. Many international news this decade have shown countries that experience snow when they are not suppose to, hazardous heatwave they have never faced in decades, irregular or heavy flood and drought and many other extreme events worldwide. The question is “Is this normal and is this what it suppose to be? The change in climate and weather records and the unusual occurrence of extreme weather events have posed many questions for all to contemplate whether or not climate change is real. It is up to us all to decide and react!!!

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By: Puthea Chea

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