Breaking the Voiceless

A video about deforestation is caused by palm oil plantation concession in Dayak customary forest
(Photo by: Chale)

“I am not a good public speaker, but I voice out aloud through my video.”

It is always hard for me to build a relationship with other people at that time where I am meeting them. I had ever identified my self as an introvert, but then I realized I was not, neither as an extrovert.

I love talking with the community on the field trip and village where I am assisting. If not, then how could I understand their problem? Talking to the community is not only to analyze their problem and struggle but to either learning about their life, culture, custom, livelihood, nature, and environment which there are a lot of precious values inside. But I am totally not good at the formal meeting.

I used to worry about this before because as a filmmaker activist, the campaign is an important part to spread the issue. But experience has taught me the way to solve my weakness.

I love making a video. In my video, there will be my idea, perspective sometimes, until my identity. I think, through video or film that I made, people can understand what I want to say and explain to them. It is why, always, in my presentation, I will screen my film/video.

(Photo by: Chale)

And the chance, once again, came to me. I was given 10-15 minutes time to do a presentation at the film and video production class of Adele Schmidt. She is one of the lecturers in the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at the School of Communication at American University.

I was feeling excited about this, moreover, I have observed some other class before if the majority of students did not have any idea about what and where Central Kalimantan is, as well as what is happening there.

I tried to present it from the very basic things, like introducing where the Central Kalimantan is, what people mostly know in general about it, till the main point is the true story about what problem inside there. I screened 3 short videos about the environmental issue. DEFORESTATION became my keyword.

It was interesting when I could share the story and struggle of the community to them. It was not only exchange knowledge but also trying to build awareness and solidarity.

Hence, this Deforestation issue does not belong only to people in Central Kalimantan, because the impacts have been felt of this entire world. As we care about this world means we have to care about this issue.

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