My First Week in the Town of Norwood, MA

After attending the ICMA Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, my co-profellow Shwe Mar and I flew to Boston last October 23, 2019. We were welcomed by Ramanda and Sara at the airport, both are town hall employees of Norwood.

Sara who picked us up at the airport, invited us to attend the Credit Union party at the Old Colonial Cafe which is located next to the Town Hall of Norwood. We met a lot of people who also works for the town hall.

With Sara from the Department of Public Works, Sue from IT Department and Trisha

On the second day (Oct. 24, 2019), we were again picked up by Sara and brought us to the Town Hall. We were able to explore the hall a bit and have our photos taken and we also had a chance to have a photo with Tony Mazzucco the town manager of Norwood, MA and Bernie Cooper the Assitant Town Manager.

Tony Mazzucco, the Town Manager of Norwood, MA, holding the recyclable products of the City of San Jose del Monte Recyclers’ Association.
Bernie Cooper, the Assistant Town Manager of Norwood, holding the recycled coin purse made by the City of San Jose Del Monte Recyclers’ Association.

After our short visit to the Town Hall, Sara came back for us and brought us to Crapo Hill Landfill in New Bedford, MA. Shawn the Operations Manager drove us around and explained the history, processes and the different facilities in the landfill. We also had a chance to talk to their recycling coordinator Marissa and learned the importance of waste reduction.

With Shawn Peckham, the Operations Manager of Crapo Hill Landfill
With Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, The Waste Reduction and Recycling Coordinator

On the third day (Oct. 25, 2019), we visited three Departments of the Town of Norwood and had a chance to meet the department heads. We met Mark the director of Public Works, Travis the director of Recreation Department and Charlotte of the Morill Memorial Library. I found each department very interesting and have their own respective functions that are very significant for the community.

Mark Ryan, the Director of Public Works
Travis Farley, the Director of the Recreation Department
Charlotte Canelli, the Library Director of Morill Memorial Library
With awesome women of Morill Memorial Library

We also attended a Holloween Party at Prescott Elementary School which is pretty interesting for me because we don’t celebrate this way in the Philippines.

Entering the Haunted Room

After the spooky party, Tony invited us for dinner in a Thai Restaurant in Randolph, MA which is his hometown.

Tony Mazzucco the Town Manager of Norwood

We had a very interesting discussion about Norwood and our own organizations. I was able to ask a lot of things about how the town government works and how he became the town manager. I learned a lot of things from him just over dinner. I bet I can learn a lot more during this fellowship.

On the fourth day (Oct. 26, 2019), which is Saturday, Sue from IT Department brought us to Boston with her Aunt Brenda as our tour guide, we went on a Duck Tour which is pretty cool!!! We also did a bit shopping for some souvenirs.

And to cap off our week here in Norwood, we went to New York City with Katie from Recreation Department and Sara from the Department of Public Works.

We had an awesome experience! We went to Time Square, Central Park, the High Line, Grand Central Station, St. Patrick Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. We also got the chance to watch “THE VIEW” on a live TV and a broadway show “OKLAHOMA”

at The View
at the Grand Central Station
at the High Line
at Time Square
at Rockefeller Center
Eating hotdog at Central Park
Lighting candle and praying at St. Patrick Cathedral
Excited for my first Broadway experience

My first week itinerary here in Norwood is just the beginning of our fabulous itinerary until November 16, 2019. Can’t wait to our upcoming activities!!!