Chapter 4: Snow on Halloween 🎃 !

Well ya! You read it right. This chapter, you must imagine all in snow time because it’s my first time snow! Okay, lets go back to business.

I did mention about the lady who arranged the entire tentative, Ms Cori Burbach in the last chapter. We met this week and we started discussion about her responsibilities, overseeing all departments and making improvements and handling complaints in the City Manager Office. The discussion enlighten me about how a neat management is needed in order to meet all stakeholders expectations.

Then, I went to see the Bee Branch Watershed Project. This is what I think one of the most valuable project here in order to make the resilient to the climate change which is very good. We started from the construction of the dam, creeks, underground pipeline, sediment manhole removal until towards the watershed and pump houses. I also learnt something about floating island that can improve water quality. That’s a lot right?

Besides that, I got to have some fruitful discussion about legislative process with Teri Goodman and Geographic Information System (GIS) overview, oh ya, their GIS are almost complete information. Then, I met Mary Rose for emergency preparedness and health. Our discussion focus more on the community education and awareness to prepare if emergency happen.

Other than that, it is a new knowledge to gain from water recovery center tour that I had just recently. I learnt how serious this city toward maintaining the grade of water they discharge to the river. Every source of waste water including grease from commercial building or waste from camper will be treated at this centre. This centre generate renewable energy with methane production to supply back to the gas pipeline to be use for biogas or RNG. I could say, they really walk the talk in making sustainable city here.

There are some other things that are interesting happening to me in Dubuque. I went to the museum and I get to know the man behind the all scene, a great environmentalist, Jared! For this event, I will let you guys enjoy the pictures below and see by yourself how wonderful to explore Mississippi River and how they try hard to maintain the river well.

There are a lot more things to tell you, guys. But let’s meet in another chapter another day! Bye!

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