“Time goes very fast?”

I really feel like time goes very fast during this fellowship program. it has been even for two weeks, studying in New Orleans. I feel very lucky to be here with my host community, Loop Nola.

My host community members are very eminent and friendly. I normally have to meet with some kids and observe how the organization is working on Students’ Capacity Development. The program has lot of DRR kits such as Life jacket, Rowing Boat and other kits regarding capacity building to kids for Disaster Preparedness and respond as well.

Here’s the awesome point, I really appreciate the program is that the activities strengthen not only ordinary students but also Students With Disabilities. Here, The way, people treat the kids with disabilities is so impressive. they respect one another, respect environment and animals as well. There is no discrimination between them. it is really good point of the program to lean for me. I just remember one thing is that we need to settle many programs to increase students’ capacity in Myanmar.

For differentiation between U.S and Myanmar..? Here we go, Most of organisations in Myanmar are increasing only community’s development but, very less opportunities for students and youths. If I could have a wish, I really hope some organisations increasing the student’s capacity in my home country. “ kids are our generations who will build better future, solve our environmental issues, conserve natural resources in the world”

I went to a famous place in New Orleans called Frenchmen Street. it is really fantastic with many kinds of people wearing very impressive dresses. the street is crowded every night

We can see a lot of people dancing, singing and playing musical instruments on that street. Every night is amazing here with music. I feel very free and dreaming as everything is diverse for me. On the other side, I am crazy about the music. One thing very surprising is that there is no issue such fighting, even it’s crowded street. feels very free and delighted. This is a place where people should visit in New Orleans, U.S.

Do you really think you can go to the pub here very easily? No, No…. you are not allowed to go to the pub if under 18 years old and must show your ID card or passport to enter the pub. Amazing !!!

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