I though, I am going to learn only about Solid Waste Management at my host community, but …

Promoting to throw the trash systematically at school

I thought that I am going to lean only about solid waste management system of Town of Norwood before I arrived here. But I got chance to learned a lot about almost all the departments of Norwood.

My first tour of Town of Norwood is Department of Public Work. One of the Public Work session is to manage the waste of town. The town seriously promoting and work on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program for waste management by using different tools. The department make sure the waste collection track are collect waste from the household according to their calendar. Every household has two bins, one is for recycle and another one is for trash.

I was amazed when I visited to landfill of the town that I would like to implement the same system at my town that there is different container for different waste that the residents came down every Saturday to throw their unused materials that town coordinate with recycle organizations for reuse.

Our tour to waste management did not end with Norwood. Our host bring us to neighbour town to lean and compare different management system of the towns.

As I mentioned above, my learning in Norwood did not end with waste management system. I got a chance to learn how Department of Light make sure for the conformable of residents and sustainability.

I don’t want to leave from the place when I visited Library of the town, realize that a library is not a peaceful place to read books, its has the session of kids, teenages as well as a place that you could borrow the materials for a weeks that you are not effort or does not need every day. What a sustainable idea.

I still have a feeling that I am in the dream that I visited Norwood Police Department and Norwood Firefighters. It was my first time visit to a police department that I have chance to hold a bullet in my hand and leaning how the officer make sure the safety of the residents as well as for the prisoner. The practice room of the officers as well.

I could heard my heart beets when Chief given me an opportunities to wear the firefighters materials. I am proud of myself for being selected of YSEALI program. Salute to all the Firefighters all over the world.

With Chief of Norwood Firefighters

Do you think journey in Massachusetts end here? No way, please follow my blog to know other activities that my host arranged for us to experience everything in U.S.

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