What Should I Prepare?

Please read this first before you continue reading:)  https://icmaysealifellows.blog/2019/10/30/it-is-fun-but-be-prepared-for-an-emergency/\ . Anyway..that’s only the introduction about preparedness of emergency, so why do you think it is matter?

If you are prepared you and your family would not be in panic. Being prepared can reduce the fear, anxiety and losses that accompany an emergency. Emergency situations can be serious, unexpected, and often dangerous and require immediate action. The importance of preparing ourselves for disasters is universal. Everyone must be prepared to be their own “emergency manager”.  You have to think about your own situation and what additional needs you might have. 

Here in Seattle, the emergency that usually happen is a natural disaster like earthquake. Most people here already prepared by having toolkits which consist of water, food, medicine, battery, and important documents.  They put these toolkits in their cars, homes, or offices so whenever they need it, it’s ready. Some of them prepare their homes in the event of an earthquake occurrence by securing bookshelves, computers, and entertainment centers with flexible fasteners.

One of the simple emergency toolkit

In Indonesia, especially in Riau, the emergency situation that always come annually is smoke and haze because of forest fires. People perform slash and burn practices to open/prepare the land for agriculture. The impact is not only to the environment like pollution but also to health, education, and social economy. The outcome is that school and some offices are close, no airport operation (some flight are delayed), or people get sick (respiratory, eyes pain, headache, etc). People prepare for these conditions by using masks if they have to do something outside or go to hospital/clinic if they do not feel good.

Mask distribution to community to prevent smoke and haze

There are different ways to prepare for natural disasters versus disastrous situations caused by humans.  In either types of emergencies mentioned above, it is imperative to be prepared.  The key to this is to continue the dialog with others and educate/inform community to build a resilient community. So prevent and prepare, don’t repair and repent:)

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