Everything is going very well !!!

Dear friends, Things have been going very well for me since the day I arrived in New Orleans. I am also getting used to the culture and weather in New Orleans.

The place where I am currently staying is wonderful. No noise, No conflict and Neighborhood is very sweet. I feel very comfortable here as there are also some of markets, restaurants and other famous places around my house. I can easily buy anything I want from the market. I can even buy some rice, meats, Veg and others eatable things just like my home country, Myanmar’s foods. It totally makes me perfect.

Here, the weather is not so bad, feeling cold, warm and it sometimes rain. the people are very frank. The price of food and other materials is reasonable. The city is really impressive with many of pleasant parks such as City Park, Scream Park, Jo Brown Park, Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve and the beach as well.

And I experienced very amazing event in this week !!! see the pictures below ?

In this week, I had excellent experience that I had never got it before. I was very excited before I clime up as the cable is fixed up rather higher, almost over 40 feet, I think. I had to walk on across the cable and even jumped to the other side.It was really effective way to respond during disasters such fire, flood and others relevant.

I even considered settling such this kind of place for practicing in my home country. People then will have individual capacity to rescue from disaster and helping other as well. I will share that experience to students and others relevant. In New Orleans, the students are used to practicing with this place but not in my country. How nice if there are some places such as pictures attached above for practicing in Myanmar !!!

Special thanks to My host, Loop Nola for this experience.

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