A frozen morning in Recycling Center of Arlington

Volunteers helped Arlington community to place their packing Styrofoam in front container at Recycling Center event in Department of Public Works, Town of Arlington, Saturday (10/23)

Hello, excuse me. is it true? My brain was shouting out when I grabbed my phone this morning. I saw that the temperature showed 32 Fahrenheit degree on my phone screen. I have never been live in this temperature before.

Early this morning, I have to go to Arlington Recycling monthly event. I opened my curtains, hopefully I see snow (oh it is too early!). The sun was shining so high, even though my watch showed 7 o’clock in the morning, Saturday (10/26).

I wanted to ensure my body is full of energy today. I ate pumpkin cake, strawberries and yogurt for my breakfast. Then, ready to go as Arlington Recycling Center volunteer at Department of Public Works parking area. It is a monthly event for community to throw and donate their specifically recycled stuff.

Arlington community man donates his book to the recycling center. The other community also donate their CDs/DVDs and clothes at Recycling Center event.

My host community’s husband, James Milan picked my friend and I up to go there. A few minutes later, we arrived in that parking area. We helped my host community, Charlotte Milan to set up the stuff for recycling goods collection before it is opened at 9 o’clock. She is a coordinator of Recycling Center of Arlington.

I looked around, I was amazed by all people seemed do their activity as usual. I thought people would be getting frozen in the morning, but it did not. Apparently, my assumption was wrong, the other volunteers did their tasks as well, either did I.

I am in the middle of volunteers whom always help Recycling Center event every month in registration desk.

“Dwi, your job is making a receipt for people who wants to throw their laptop, screen and television. This is money for change and this is blank receipt then write their address is here, how much they pay is here and their signature is here,” Charlotte was talking to me slowly and clearly while pointed the receipt paper . Luckily, my head was not frozen at that time, so I could understand quickly. I took a part as money girl. I charged people whom throw up their electronic waste particularly on laptop for USD$5 and television or screen for USD$20.

Yeah! We already opened on time. Many senior citizens came with their endless inner youth spirit. They brought big packing Styrofoam, scrap metal, electronic waste, rigid plastic, clothes and textiles, books and media. Those looked so heavy, but again, I was so impressed by their spirit. We also accept sharps that directly handled by Department Health and Human Service.

Charlotte Milan, the lady wears red vest. She coordinates and answers a lot of questions from the community in the recycling center event.

Charlotte seemed so busy to answer every questions that came from the community. “This event already conducted since seven years ago. We have been restructured our way to collect their recycled stuff. Hopefully, through this event we can manage recycled stuff in the Town of Arlington as well,” she said.

In total, there were 250 community residents came from 9 to 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Firstly, they take a line to register their address and check list their recycled stuff on registration desk. After that, they move their recycled stuff to specific boxes in provided container. Then, people in registration desk would point the community to go there directly. Some volunteers standby in every container to help the community. Nevertheless, they could put it by themselves throughout the instructions signage.

These are recycled boxes with particular signage for different types of electronic waste inside the container at Recycling Center event in Department of Public Works, Town of Arlington.

Three hours passed, the sun was shining highly and the temperature increased as well. We were happy, a lot of people came with their awareness of the ‘unused’ thing. I believe they were happy too, because they finally can move those stuff from their house properly. Obviously, I was more than happy that our host community took me and my friend to her house for having lunch. I thought I would be a frozen girl, but not yet!

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