Sustainable agriculture practice in North Carolina

During second and third weeks, we had chance to attend different conferences, visiting and meetings about sustainable agriculture and water management in North Carolina.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension is an educational partnership of colleges and universities helping people put research-based knowledge to work for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and an improved quality of life (NC State website). Thanks to the enthusiastic help and support form Molly Alexi, Director of Guilford County Cooperative Extension, we were hosted at the NC State Extension annual conference in Raleigh, NC from October 29th to 31st. It was an amazing experience when we had chance to meet, introduce and create network with many knowledgeable experts from universities, colleges, master gardeners, volunteers who are connected in NC State Extension.

With the generous help from ICMA and Guildford County Budget and Evaluation office, we also had chance to attend Sustainable agriculture conference held by Carolina Farm Stewardship Association in Durham, NC from Nov 2nd to 3rd. The three days conference with many interesting sessions for various attendees from farmers, garderners, students and researches who pay attention in how to shift their cultivation methods into organic and environmental friendly as well as resilient to climate change ways. Farming is the most affected sector to climate change and farmers are observing and trying hard to cop with the changes of weather patterns, precipitation and severe weather events to protect their crops yield. 
Although farming in my area is way too different from the way they do it in Carolina, but I still gained many fruitful thoughs and ideas from workshops I attended that will help me a lot in building my action plan for my community.

For me it is very important to see and have some conversation with passionate experts in agriculture. Our trips to NC A&T farm, Guilford Cooperative Extension demostration garden and community garden as well as Pierdmon farmer market were interesting and informative. We appreciate the enthusiastic and hosbitable help from our hosts in organising these trips for us. And above all, these places are so beautiful in the sunlight of the falls! 

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