Week 4 – Greening Beyond People

This week’s experience went beyond the usual green landscape but into the medical field that the City of Rochester is more known for. As the headquarters for the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, it was a sight to behold in this non-profit organisation that was set up in the 1800s after the city was devastated by a tornado.


The organisation proudly proclaim it is the number one hospital in the country and is the largest employer in this city,. It also has an ambitious plans to expand in a 20 year plan called Destination Medical Center. What this means as it expands, is to grow in a sustainable manner, while allowing for more patients and visitors to experience the city that is liveable and aspires to be more empathetic.


If you are standing in the lobby or atrium of the building or have lost your way around, you can be sure that someone from the clinic will step forward to ask how you are and whether you need help. This is especially thoughtful especially when people come from all over the world and are lost, unsure of what to do, or more importantly, need help when they have just been shared about a devastating announcement,

For an organisation that has nearly 200 years of history, and with more than 60,000 employees, I was curious to know how they can continue this culture and what they are doing to keep their service, as well as goals alive.

Speaking with the Director of Development, this was simple and boiled down to two points:

  1. Ensuring that everything that you do is for the patient – Keeping the patient’s experience in mind means you will always help to keep their experience great. This includes making sure that they are able to afford the treatment,  even providing some form of subsidies for those who cannot afford them.IMG_7513.JPG
  2. Teamwork – Everyone in the organisation must be able to work together. And people who are unable to do so should not aspire to be in the organisation or will be asked to leave.


Final Thoughts

If behaviour and habits form when we constantly keep an eye to it, we may be able to replicate this into other areas. Just like how the Mayo Clinic has done to ensure that patient care is key to their work, it is a useful reminder to me as I get busy, to ensure that we remain on the right track of building green behaviour in people for the greater goal of ensuring environmental sustainability.

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