What did the ProFellow Program give me?

Let me see…

ProFellow program gave me the opportunity to meet many different people, to talk to them, to see their different perspectives about the topic you are all caring, to see the world issues under different lenses, to evaluate the problem better with the international point of view.


The NERC Plastic Conference in Providence, Rhode Island

The program gave me the time to work closely with the community, to be a part of them, to talk and build our mutual understanding.


Working with The Green Team during the sorting time 

The program also gave me the chance to work with the host community on different levels to see how they implement the things you are caring about in their environmental context, social context and political context and learn from them.


Meeting the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection – Mass DEP

At the same time, sharing my experience and the implementation I have done with the host community.


Presenting my work with the community at the Town Hall

And what else?

Yep, the program also lets me had the fabulous chance to build my own snowman 😊


My first snowman in Vermont 🙂

And many many more the program gave me…

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