What happen if I was not join YSEALI Program

1. Gossip as a solution to misbehavior
I think every body use to have time that they see people cheating or misbehavior at the work place. Me too but I never know what is the best way to address this, so instead of talk to my boss, I just talk with other colleagues because I don’t want to be an evil that hurt anyone. But gossip never help. It just turn things worse. I never know that this is called gossip even it is the true story. Because to me, gossip is the form of destructive words that we aim to make for someone or it is not true. During the All Hand Meeting at Costa Mesa Sanitation District, the manager make us watch a motivated story before starting the meeting. It came to describe how gossip is so harmful for the work place. Thus, instead of gossip we have to consider if 1. the ones we talk to are the part of the problem or solution? 2. the story will impact the relationship of the team even it is true. The best thing to do is we have to find someone that is part to the solution (even they may be our boss) and find the way to talk for win-win solution.

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2. Be a Silent victim of the unfair management

I used to accept all the consequences to my motion due to poor management from my previous job before I quit. I used to blame myself for not being capable. I feel bad about myself and totally lost my self-esteem. At that time, I never know about the real meaning of ethic professional and ethic leadership. After the pre-departure course of leadership, I learn a lot about what is a good leader that everybody want to follow. I know my right and accept myself for every mistakes which are the elements of journey to my goals. Now, I have studied and witnessed the good lesson learnt from US, I ll use it to make positive impact to my work in any given opportunity and deal better with the unfair situation.

រូបថតរបស់ Truth Inside Of You។
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3. Working less efficiency

I am a multi task person. I have 3 or 4 projects at the same time. I think I am smart enough to balance myself but I just screw myself up with ton of works without proper time management. I arrive home with the feeling of exhausted most of the time. I have no time for family and doing exercise. For the online leadership course by Ms Deidre Combs, I learn a lot about time management, which I always look over whenever I see a book or program about that. It did really help me. When I reflect back to my behavior before joining the program, I find the weakness and I know how to fix it now. I am excited to go back with more efficiency way to work for my career, myself and my family.

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4. Believe that my English is enough 
I thought my English is enough but when I come here, I know that there are a bunch of things I need to learn more for improving my English. One of my major weakness is vocabularies, I can find the specific word to describe what I want. I just simplify my sentence and sometime people still not get what I mean. The second thing is accent. Here, even if you say the right thing with poor accent, people can not understand you.

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5. Do not take Ethical leadership and transparency seriously for gaining trust

To protect you from getting into trouble or being accused for misbehavior/cheating and lead you to a sustainable relationship with important people within your professional loop, you need to have you ethic code of conduct and make most of the things transparency. How to be transparency? Everything need to be disclosed for working peer and public. For example, most of US government websites show about their annual financial reports as well as their stuffs’ salary. They welcome visitors and every documents can be find on their web-pages. 

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2 thoughts on “What happen if I was not join YSEALI Program

  1. This is grate sharing, I also had same though when I did my Pre- Fellow Leadership course and during fellowship experiences. Have to add one more things for me is vocabulary. I think have to learn alot on vocabularies 🙂


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