Chapter 5: Hardwork Pays off when it meets the right plan of action

I tried to blog last few days but it’s just could not get into the ideas. After I see the whole picture ( I think so), I realized that it takes a lot more than one person to make things happen especially when it comes to big solution actions. Dubuque did it well. So, lets learn how dubuque city works.

I went to the National Weather Services Center last Monday. My first thought? It’s just going to be 30 minutes to 1 Hour presentation since it’s just small building and it’s federal government. How it ended up?A super fun experience with a lot if information and a lot of cool things they are doing there with all the simulation stuffs going on, data collection and engineers. Wow!and it was not enough time I would say. Pictures worth thousands words isn’t it? Just view the pictures I have for you guys below and see what I meant. Full stop.

Then, I went to the Iowa City, Iowa Flood Center to meet with researchers there with extensive knowledge about flood in Iowa. He made a good presentation about his work progress and how they are going for funds and grants to help the cities in Iowa State especially Dubuque County to reduce flood occurrence there. He also share some knowledge on making catch basin in pockets at the start of creeks to help reduce the flood in city rather than going for flood walls that would might end up trapping the water in the city if it’s not flowing well or the river high tide rainfall. I am sorry, not much pictures on this session. Not to mean, but maybe that’s the reason you might want to meet me and buy me coffee to talk about ya?

that’s it for now I can remember. See you later, don’t worry, it’s not the end even I got couple of days more to go. Its sad… it’s a sad Sad situation..bye!

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