Time to Fly’ With New Book of Life, Chapter 04: Isla Feliz!!!

“¡Hola!, Buenos días. Me llamó ISLA, Soy de Tailandia”

 Hello and Good morning everyone, my name is ISLA (Koh) and I came from Thailand: D

Because my host city has many people from the Mexican side makes me already speak and understand a little bit with the Spanish language. Very impress it.

I don’t believable, time flies so fast. I already live here with fourth weeks past and this is the last week for me here. Feel a little bit sad. However, I have several activities in this place. Let’s go to do it!!!!

This City is for ISLA (Koh) 01
This City is for ISLA (Koh) 02

My host always telling me “Koh, Let speak you out”  

Ah-ha, Do you have any ideas about the meaning of what is a kingpin thing should I speak out?

All of my fourth week here, I constantly share my thought, my vision, my own goals and of course my expectations with know- how from my host community. I always concentrate and take attention to everything all the time. I just telling any story of my workplace with my colleagues here and we have a good moment and many challenges to discuss together.

After three weeks past, my host Nikki she going to my room and telling me that I will have a presentation about my project to Mayor, the city council committee and people in this city.

At that time, I think oh my god!!! What should I do? Will I be done excellent? However, I know this is big chance for me to describe my projects of work to each other’ and I’m so glad and can’t wait for that day will come real soon.

Preparing for my presentation 01

Before my presentation day, I try so hard and working a lot with my host Nikki to prepare a presentation. I finished my presentation since I stay in Thailand but after I have a discussion with my team we just have the same opinion that I should develop and add more detail of work between my workplace in Thailand with The city of South Padre Island. After all day long, my presentation and my work are done and I am ready to showing this to everyone.

Preparing for my presentation 02

Finally, on Wednesday 6 November. I have a great moment to meet up with Mayor and City council members. All of them are very nice to me and after I am finished with my presentation they give me a loud hand clap with smiling and mind to me. For my performance, I just have briefly representative about my research project in Thailand and what is my know-how and expectation that I want to learn from the City of South Padre Island. We also share a lot of information and good practice in our project to each other’s that I’m very appreciated with this chance.

City Council Meeting 01
City Council Meeting 02
City Council Meeting 03

Another’s next day with my host organization, I spend my time with numerous departments and back to my meeting schedules. For example, I staying again all day long with Debbie who is from the recreation and park department. We have a class and also a meeting in the SPI Convention Center together. We going to observation on disaster committee projects defending. For this time I gain a lot of new knowledge and key point of work base on disaster management, conservation areas and all about ocean garbage management with a lot of tourism activities on South Padre Island.

Anymore, I also have a precious time on Port Isabella Museum. In this museum, I delight in any activities such as the historical background of this city, city culture and period of city development. I just walking around to see many exhibitions, several historical evidence and seeing short movies and film portrayals.

Port Isbel Historical Museum 01
Port Isbel Historical Museum 02

The next morning, I spent my time with CVB – host. I going seeing around the island with Alison and Jami, we are walking across to Port Isabella Art Gallery and Exhibition. Besides, we are having lunch together and talking about how beautiful my country, how different between my home town and Texas and these reasons just made Alison and Jami want to travel in Thailand. Very funny and impressive.

I have enjoyed time with Alison and Jami all day after we going to lunch together we are go-ahead to Sea Turtles Building. On this building, I almost see the process under the management of Turtles Rescue for the sea turtles which hurts from a boat, sick because of ocean garbage and also climate change effect for higher risk of some type of sea turtle nearly extinct. This will open my mind and I full of feeling with these circumstances. I think this is the right time to changes and encounter all challenges.

Sea Turtle – CVB SPI 01
Sea Turtle – CVB SPI 02
Port Isable Art Exhibitions Center
My Alison and Jemi :))

I have several meetings last week, I join with the City Planning Department on public improvement about urban design guidelines project on this island. In this workshop, they are talking about judgement processing, how to add more community engagement and public participation, including how the court will scanning any details of planning guidelines.  

Furthermore, I stay with the city planning director Arron to discussing community guidelines and the city planning process on this island. I gain a lot of knowledge and tools from him, I also have a clearer picture of comprehensive plan development with central, state and local enforcement in the United State. I am very happy with all the data and know-how I received because I can bring all the knowledge techniques to adapt and use with my workplace. It will be smart and useful.     

Last weekend, I going to wind turbine tours with my lovely host Nikki. I am very excited about this activity. In my point of view, this is a very good opportunity for me because I have a great moment to meet up with the manager man who took care of wind turbine systems and I also have a chance to discuss and seeing wind turbine control. I saw and joining with virtual – 3D modeling of the wind turbine. It is very cool.

Moreover, my host also brings me to Thai restaurants in Harlingen City. I and my Nikki are request Pad – Thai, include Thai – Ice Tea. I very enjoy with this taste, Feel like home. Very satisfied.

Wind Turbine meeting 01
Wind Turbine Processing
Wind Turbine 3D Access : Lovely Nikky

This week is will be my last week on this island, when I thinking about this I have to be dismayed. I go around the island by city metro bus like every day, I go to various places such as island bay, SPI Center, Queen Isabella Gallery, Queen Isabella shop and souvenirs and Treasures of the Gulf Museum. So much fun. 

: D

In sum, as good as I’m staying a long time more than a month here I found an important thing from my host community are keeps engage and communities with each others are will bring us to become success soon.

Furthermore, with my hope and my host asking for I will be back to our island in the future. For this time I will return to develop and manage my workplace and of course my country. Moreover, I will go back to develop myself and my knowledge every day to become good leadership like my host organization – colleges. For surely, in my point of view, I am very happy with my host, I very appreciate my time and every moment here. My feeling right now is a bit sad when nearly a time we will say goodbye with each other who taking care of me.

Girl with Blue – Navy

This city will always still a good time, good memories and a good lesson to make me grow up very well day by day in nearly future.

Street Girl be Here !!!
Koh with Cosmos Fields
Port Isabel Light House and Historical Site



Last but not least, this Friday my host will have a small goodbye party for me. I have been blissful and feel grateful for this moment. Although, I want to keep this moment of a lifetime with my memories. I hope this will be a nice moment for all of us.

Muchas gracias: Thank you very much !!!!!!!!

Super excited and please waiting to enjoy with my Last blog!!!!


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