STOP bomb timer by your voice!

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Believe us we are environmental engineers

I had doing research for a year in pilot-scale water and wastewater treatment system applied low-cost micro membrane filtration and chemical laboratory. I started running system with water for six months. Then, I continued running system with domestic wastewater for a week. I totally wore safety stuff. However, I got allergies and had lots of small red spots on my arms. I went to see the doctor immediately and he said that I got allergies from chemical in the laboratory. I got sick for a month and after I recovered, I did not believe what the doctor said because it did not make sense because I started working in chemical laboratory for six months before without any sick. Thus, I decided to collect a sample of wastewater and checked by the microscopes. I found that there were lots of larvae of mosquito and various kinds of microorganism which their hair flew to my arms, went into my skin pores and got allergies. I was shocked with what I saw (my arm hairs stood immediately). After that, I realized that the domestic wastewater was not a normal issue at all for me. I am really scared to domestic wastewater that I could not imagine how dangerous it was before.

Drainage system became bomb timer in my community 

I never said anything to my parents and other public people before. After last two day I went to both public and private places in Orange county such as the desalination water treatment plant at Los Angeles, train station…etc, I found the words said that ” see something say something”  so I decided to share this story.

I would say something after seeing something about domestic wastewater to people in my community it is the time to start for domestic wastewater management. It likes the bomb timer that is going to kill people in your family.

Not only learning new professional knowledge here but also how to share what you know to others to have better community. One of my imaginations is to see my community free from wastewater pollution and I will do the public awareness as much as I can do to engage people in my community accept and use the system properly.

Finally, I have 3D to say

Don’t keep this bomb timer to kill yourself

Don’t dream to have a healthy life, please start now

Don’t earn money to stay in the hospital because of caring less to your own wastewater.

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