Water from the #1 Public Utility

Seeing as I would be spending some time under the City of Tallahassee’s Electric & Gas Utility, I thought I would take a look at what the city does for its water resources. This turned out to be a great opportunity and I had a great time learning how the city’s water is managed in its life cycle.

Tallahassee sits on a large underground aquifer where the city has 27 wells and 8 water storage tanks. Most of the wells treat water from the aquifers with chlorine and fluoride, but some wells have additional filters like sand and charcoal, depending on the presence of other nutrients in the water in some of the areas of the aquifer like iron and manganese which need to be treated for.

The city also has an extensive wastewater treatment plant to which all the sewage in the city is directed to, to treat the water so that eventually it can be reused again. The experience opened my eyes to how much it takes to keep taps running, something we all tend to take for granted. But the way I see it, the City of Tallahassee really goes the extra mile and takes care of its resources – meeting both the needs of the people whilst taking care of the environment as much as it can.

Last thing I should mention – best tasting water in Florida, right out of the tap! (I wish water back home was drinkable right out of the tap too.)

Tallahassee’s Wastewater Treatment Plant
One of the wells – the city has personnel spend at least 12 minutes a day on each well to do inspections
Sprayfields in the city – sludge from the wastewater treatment plant is used as fertilizer here!

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