Week 4: Encinitas sustainable California Dream🌅

If you want the full package of California, Encinitas is the place to be.

Most people are one of these 3 -> vegan, yoga or surfer (*cough*kombucha)

I lived in Kuala Lumpur for almost 3 years (Capital of Malaysia, if you don’t know) Encinitas reminds me of home, Sabah, nickname: Land Below the Wind (East Malaysia, what majority known East Malaysia for: Borneo

Life starts at 6 am early in the morning in Encinitas, cyclist cycle around road and hill to work on their glutes, surfers catching waves, and yogi stretching before they grind their day. Don’t let their fitness fool you, they are older than you think, this is a place where aged can’t keep up with body.

But Encinitas is not just a place with beautiful La La Land sunset. But is a progressive place where like minded individuals come together to form communities to make long term sustainability happen in their own town.

To reduce food waste and food loss, it is important first for the local community come together and work towards the cause. For example, parents commit to volunteer with ProduceGood every Sunday weekend to educate their children about food surplus and food insecurity. A variety of people volunteer and get inspired to become market leaders like a scientist, a mother, a banker.

A traveller who happens to be in Encinitas for vacation decided to give his helping hand to glean private orchard and also volunteer to make video for ProduceGood. Or a University lecturer for environment class who decided to educate students by giving them University credit to glean and redistribute surplus to food banks and other organization that needed surplus food.

Individuals come together to form a community is as important as saving the environment. Like what Nita from ProduceGood often said, we are small but together we are mighty.

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