A Resilient Community

The world has changed, the biggest thing that humans have ever done, climate change. It’s happening right now, this is the biggest emergency that every country faced.  I shared the different kind of emergency between Indonesia and Seattle (read: https://icmaysealifellows.blog/2019/11/06/what-should-i-prepare/) but both of them relate to one thing, climate change.

The climate is changing faster, shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding and also large wildfires, the impacts are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. In this situation, we can not be the same, we have to mitigate and adapt by building a resilient community. People have to prepare to be stronger communities that are better able to withstand, manage, and recover from disasters.

Meet Hazard Mitigation Strategist Expert from King County

I met with so many experts from the emergency management department and climate change experts King County. What I learned from them to build a resilient community, we need :

1.       Expand Communication and Collaboration: we need to inform the community about the emergency. We also need to work collaboratively with other agency so everyone is involved because these problems need to be solved together.

2.       Training and workshop on how to prepare the emergency especially individual at-risk that are vulnerable.

3.       Build social connectedness: People are more empowered to help one another after a major disturbance in communities in which members are regularly involved in each other’s lives.

Meet Climate Preparedness Specialist from King County

Well..we can not deny that the earth’s changing and climate change is real. Building a resilient community is true. Let’s take action together before this world getting worse!

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