Asheville – beautiful town in the north west of North Carolina

It took us 4 hours travelling by Greyhound bus from Greensboro to Asheville, a city located to the north west of North Carolina. Our host is North Carolina Farmlink Director – Western Region, William Hamilton, he is so generous to giving us the warm and comfortable stay in his mother in law’s house and driving us around Asheville. We are so lucky to be here in this beautiful place and have such beautiful memories not only with the stunning sceneries but also with amazing people, especially Hamilton family!

We had chance to see how sustainable agriculture and organic farming are being practiced effectively in this highland. They actually bring long term benefit for farm owners, community and the environment. All creeks are protected from the poultry, swine and dairy farms, with the support from the government in building fences along the streams. Run off water have to be collected in a basin to sit for sediment, mud before flow to the streams.

William’s family is proudly one of the first families settle in this land since the 19th Century, their 150 year-old Big House is still in a very good condition and we have chance to look around inside this beautiful historical house. As William’s great grandmother is an paiting artist, her paintings are still there, showing their timeless beauties.

During the afternoon, we explored the vibrant downtown of Asheville with many visitors around, with nice shops, bookstores, and cafe. We checked in a lovely double decker bus cafe in a corner of the street and happy stay there enjoy the warm space inside the “bus”.

Tomorrow, we will head back to Greensboro. “Good bye” are the difficult words to say to adorable kids of Hamilton family, we will miss you so much, also Rosy (the dog), October(the big cat) and Scooby (the Sleepy cat)!

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