water bottles, water bottles, water bottles everywhere…

My host Marcos has been amazing – setting up meetings with all the right people, with their hearts in the right places, who recognized the problems and their urgency. While meeting with leaders has been such an honor and so informative, it is the meetings with youth that have been inspiring – and they are so receptive to ideas for moving forward. The best examples:

Dili Institute for Technology students readily accepted a challenge to research different varieties of quinoa. Quinoa would be a huge game changer for nutrition outcomes as an easy substitute for rice.

Alberto of the Green Hope Project has a warehouse of water bottles collected — for markets that have nose dived with local Asian markets no longer accepting (let alone paying for) plastics for recycling. He accepted a challenge to research ways to make his own shredder and pellets as processed plastics are welcomed as feedstock.

Ignacia and her youth leaders in ENVAC accepted a challenge to research what it would take to get water bottle suppliers to switch to bio-plastic water bottles — and lobby for more attention and funding to providing a clean water supply so no bottles are needed! They have already put in a grant to get filtered water stations put in a few public places so people could start using refillable bottles.

So many opportunities for a brighter, CLEANER future here – and Marcos knows all the right people to help keep in moving!


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