Time to Fly’ With New Book of Life, Chapter 05: Live Life Balance

“Conduct yourself professionally at all times” This is the message that my senior fellow from Thailand saying to me before I depart to The State and this is one of the reasons why I always try to do anything with my best, no matter what everything uncontrolled has happened to me. I feel enjoy my good experience and also a good friend at all times

With all Thai Fellows: FALL 2019
With all ICMA fellows : FALL 2019

For this blog, I will be showing you all with my work and my daily life last week for this trip to Washington DC. Yeah, I am already going back to the District of Columbia and just met up again with very cold weather.  Honestly, with my thought, I miss Texas and warmly weather on there.

My life at DC is normally like each other. I just go outside with my fellow friends like Sherw Mar, Tony. We are going to several places such as the Air space museum Smithsonian, going to find some gifts for my family and friends. However, I get sick because of extreme weathers temperature here. Hahaha Poor ISLA !!!!

Back to DC 01
Back to DC 02
The White House & Yaowalak :))
Air Space Museum

On Monday 18 November, all Thai fellows with nine people have a good occasion to meet up with Royal Thai Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary on Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC. He teaching us a lot and also give us a new attitude and another’s windows of life to be a success. I’m very appreciated with this chance.

With Royal Thai Embassy

We have Professional Fellows Congress in Capital Hilton Hotel with 291 fellows from around the world. It’s very pleasant and exciting.

For last week’s activities that we have a lot of stuff to do and join a lot with workshop and congress activities. For example group presentations and introductions, discussion sessions, workshop sessions and also have a dinner party.

For my side, I’m going to join with discussion sessions and workshop sessions like pitching your ideas, creating your network and alumni impact award presentation.

Congress Day’s Activities 01
Congress Day’s Activities 02
Congress Day’s Activities 03

For the second day of the congress, we have a particular workshop base on our project plans. Following my side of work, I going to join with Sustainable and environmental impact, Digital networking and also discuss with small group dialogue and reflection workshop.

And for the night time, we have a congress dinner together. All 291 fellows around the world going to dinner and have a good time, making more connections and gain more friends. This is very nice and pleasant. Moreover, everybody who joins with this party uses their national costume to join with these activities and of course, me also wearing my Thai national costume and I want to say I always proud to be Thai women no matter what I still proudly with my nation. For these opportunities, I have time to discuss and meeting various fellows around the world almost 63 countries. I very enjoy this moment of life.

Congress Dinner Party 01
Congress Dinner Party 02
Congress Dinner Party 03

On Friday, November 22, this is the last day for our congress workshop that we still have sessions and seminars to join. With this day I do not have a busy schedule and everyone can have a lot of funny things to do it together, such a great moment. We have a big group photo and lunchtime with all of the fellows. Although, we have to feel a bit sad finally this is a time to back home, time to bring our knowledge and connection from this fellowship program going back to develop our countries. I hope I will be back here with a successful project in the 2021 fellowship program. Make our dream come true. And enjoy ourselves, our life, our knowledge and also our opportunities to travel to everyone.

With Dr. Comb

In sum, I trust with touching words “Leadership is inside you, everyone can be a leader because everybody can serve” I further believe everyone can do everything for a better life and everyone can become good leaders, at least one of the special things that we have capacity on that. Let’s go to find our adventure, our capabilities and bring that to help each other. We will gain a full of happiness that we never think about it before when our work hard things are done and saw full of a smile from each another.

Nevertheless, I will suggest all of you who what to joying us with YSEALI – Fellowship please be yourself and representatives with your passion, your goals, and your expectation honestly. I believed if I can do it, all of you can do it like me too.

Last night for this time at DC

Last, I want to talk about my twenty – one friend from ASEAN. I’m very appreciated to work, to join and to become one of the members in this program this year. Thank you so much for the good memories and good challenges of work. 

Spend time with friends
22 Fellows : Fall 2019

“Passion and Attractive” with a Leader role is always inside us, Let find our passion and alter that every good thing will attract us.

I don’t know what to say, I just know this means a lot to me

Thank you to everything that brings me Here!!!

See you real soon, THAILAND.


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