Message that will be shared to other professional people who hesitate for YSEALI!

Time to fly back to my beloved family! the program comes to an end, but the lesson learns I get is worth a lifetime remembering. I hope more people who have passion in making a world a better place to live can benefit from the program as well. The below messages are what I have talked and I am going to talk to anyone that I meet and wish to apply for YSEALI as follows:

  1. I do encourage all of you to apply for #YSEALY for your personal and professional development as well as to spread about our country to other 63 countries around the worlds that will join the final congress.
រូបថតរបស់ Shirin Pantoja Caldita។
291 Participants from 63 countries around the world.

2. I have opportunities to see the ones among the biggest facilities in the US including wastewater treatment, trash collection, recycling centre and how they manage their finance and human resources. Not every fellowship provide you such a great opportunity.

រូបថតរបស់ Phoeurn Chanarun។
Visit Ground Water Replenishment System of Orange County Sanitation District

3. I can have free registrations to study with experts who has achieved great things in their life and share their experiences with us. For leadership class designed by Ms Deidre combs, Company owner, having 20 years of experiences in delivering the course in the University of Columbia and Montana.

I can learn about the Art of grant writing from the expert who she has achieved the 22 million dollars Grants. I can also learn about sewer line design from an engineer. Yeah, this time, you won’t feel like you are learning from McGraw Hill books, but from the living experts.

រូបថតរបស់ Phoeurn Chanarun។
Photo with Ms. Deidre Combs (in the middle)

4. As the alumni, you will have privilege to access to multi funds from the US government every year to sponsor your project or social enterprise.
5. If you make quite a huge impact to your community after the project, you can apply for the alumni winning award to represent yourself and your country in the congress. I wish I or anyone of us will make it and let other know about our country.

6. Last but not least, i am welcome for any request for helps. Keep trying, you may be rejected not because you are not good but there are just too many applications. This year, only 22 of us among 800+applications were selected across SEAsia under the theme of “Environmental Sustainability”. Some of my fellows even being rejected for 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times before they were selected.
Keep trying for the benefit of yourself and our country!

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