My Journey Begins

Well, is 5:10 am on Feb 28 and I’m waiting to board my plane from LAX to begin my journey to Sotheast Asia. I was very fortunate and grateful to be selected by ICMA and the State Department to be a selected few of U.S. Fellows visiting Souheast Asia to exchange information about environmental sustainability issues. I’m really looking forward seeing again YSEALI Fellows Chan Arun Phoeurn and Thidalath Vongsayalath in their home country of Cambodia and Laos to exchange information about wastewater and solid waste issues, and of course, to learn about their culture. It will be great seeing them again. But for now, I am getting ready for my long journey that takes me to Seattle then Seoul, South Korea and finally to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. By the time I arrive in Phnom Penh it will be 10:25pm the following day, Feb 29! It’s a good thing I have my books, magazines, music and laptop to keep me busy. Sleep will be good too.


I want to thank my wife, Allison, for getting up at 3:20 am to drive me to the airport. Thank you very much, Allison! Get some sleep when you get home. I love you!

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