Corona Vs Forest Fires

Back to my home country after finished my fellowship in US, I continue my job as Sustainability Staff in one of private company in Indonesia. I am able to apply the skills and knowledge I learned by making Sustainability Program better especially long term program to prevent forest fires in Indonesia. I also could convince my management the importance of resilient community by educating children about forest fires including to continue making education comic book about environment named Alam dan Bunga (now already 5th editions).

In the early year of 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) officially announced on Thursday (1/30/2020), the status of a world emergency for corona virus cases that continues to spread outside of China. It was decided after the Emergency Commission session, a panel of independent experts amid the increasing spread of the virus to 18 countries and the virus confirmed transmit from human to human. In Indonesia corona cases keep increasing day by day and a lot of strategy applied by government to stop spreading of virus like closing flight to and from China and doing social distancing.

Not every hero wears a cape – Corona and Forest Fires are the same?

In this situation, I initiate to include information of corona virus to my Sustainability Program to prevent forest fires called FAC (Fire Aware Community). This program is designed to increase community awareness about danger and impact of forest fires as we know forest fires always happen annually In Indonesia. As the result smoke and haze annually happen in Indonesia and even reach neighbor country like Malaysia and Singapore. In my opinion both forest fires and also corona virus this relate to impact individual health. So I insert information about corona and made video on how is the right way to sneeze and cough and also wash hands. I delivered the message through FAC Goes to School program (part of FAC program to educate children). It was fun and the kids was so happy. I hope by doing this socialization the kids also could share it with their parents and family and this small action could prevent us from both Forest Fires and also Corona Virus.

Children are having fun dancing together to practice proper way of sneezing and coughing and also washing hands
Children practiced to wash their hands in proper way

Now the schools are closed because of corona and I hope this wont never again because of forest fires. No more forest fires, no more haze, let’s protect our selves by following advice given by your health provider. Keep safe, happy and healthy everyone!

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