A Resilient Community

The world has changed, the biggest thing that humans have ever done, climate change. It’s happening right now, this is the biggest emergency that every country faced.  I shared the different kind of emergency between Indonesia and Seattle (read: https://icmaysealifellows.blog/2019/11/06/what-should-i-prepare/) but both of them relate to one thing, climate change. The climate is changing faster, … Continue reading A Resilient Community

What Should I Prepare?

Please read this first before you continue reading:)  https://icmaysealifellows.blog/2019/10/30/it-is-fun-but-be-prepared-for-an-emergency/\ . Anyway..that’s only the introduction about preparedness of emergency, so why do you think it is matter? If you are prepared you and your family would not be in panic. Being prepared can reduce the fear, anxiety and losses that accompany an emergency. Emergency situations can be serious, unexpected, … Continue reading What Should I Prepare?