Frankfort’s Diary_ women’s leadership

Globally, there has been progress in terms of increasing the number of women in politics. But the figure is still only 23.3%, well below 50%. According to data from Inter Parliamentary Union, women's representation in Parliament in Europe: 26.5%, Asia 19.4%,  and Arab States: 17.4%. So how about in the US? Coming from Myanmar where … Continue reading Frankfort’s Diary_ women’s leadership

Frankfort’s Diary_ civic engagement

The second week in Frankfort is learning all about civic engagement. We attended many meetings which covered different topics such as downtown Frankfort revitalisation, neighbourhood enhancement, and social events for the citizens. One observation was that people's participation at public meetings was low. There weren't many people came to the meeting and participated in the … Continue reading Frankfort’s Diary_ civic engagement

Frankfort’s Diary_Local government and citizens

The first week in Frankfort was filled with Southern charm and hospitality. The moment Rebecca Hall from the Frankfort's city office picked us up from the airport and made sure everything was ready, I was so much attracted by this cozy city. Frankfort is beautiful and its people are so nice. Sitting in the city … Continue reading Frankfort’s Diary_Local government and citizens