Tuesday started with some good coffee (in my case Oolong tea), then work at the office, had an interview recording for @savedallaswatertx Instagram at 10.30am. with Kathryn E. Goddard, the Social Media Coordinator. Check out their Instagram @ SaveDallasWater At noon we're invited to a meeting with the Association of Asian America City Employee(AAACE) We … Continue reading Bueno!

Protect our Earth🌍Whatever it takes

We've arrived in Dallas in this beautiful hotel at Downtown. Everything is nice and cozy. On Sunday, (after plenty of rest of full 4 hours), were ready for EarthX 🌍. Earth X is an international, nonprofit environmental forum whose purpose is to educate and inspire people to action towards a more sustainable future. They assemble … Continue reading Protect our Earth🌍Whatever it takes

27 hours journey; 21 hours flight, 3 cities, one destination.

It was sunny in Brunei when I left. Saying goodbye was fairly easy as my excitement and nervousness kills all traces of sadness. The earth presented me with this mesmerizing sunset as we depart. Leaving Brunei I killed some time with few sitcoms and after 2 short hours, the Lion City welcomes me.  Touchdown Singapore … Continue reading 27 hours journey; 21 hours flight, 3 cities, one destination.