US-MA-NW Electric Supply Industry

The United States is a leader in the production and supply of energy and is one of the world’s largest energy consumers. U.S. energy companies produce oil, natural gas, coal, renewable fuels, as well as electricity from clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and nuclear power. U.S. energy companies further transmit, distribute, and store … Continue reading US-MA-NW Electric Supply Industry

From Food Exchange to Sustainable Community Development

To be here in Norwood City, I have the chance to learn not only job-related stuff but also the cultural exchanges. One interesting thing I want to share is about the food exchange at the party. Almost attendance will support food or drink for sharing to everyone in the party. Of course, there will be … Continue reading From Food Exchange to Sustainable Community Development


Do you know how we interact with the word "BETTER"? Normally when you see "better", you brain directly start calculating the value by comparing with the cost or other alternatives. If your calculated value is beyond that, your brain then leads your decision making to accept such opportunity. Back to the time when I knew … Continue reading “BETTER”