Lao – The Whole Hearted People

All good things must come to an end, including my fellowship to Laos. In terms of my professional development, while working with my host community at the office of Natural Resources and Environment of Xayaboury province, I learned how environmental sustainability is a key tenate in development. Within the context of development in Laos environmental … Continue reading Lao – The Whole Hearted People

Striking a Balance – Developing Sustainable Industry in Rural Laos

The opportunity for international investment and natural resource extraction is on the rise in Laos. When determining agreements for development the GOL (Government of Laos) weigths the impact of investment to existing communities and sets goals to maintain sustainable village lifestyles. This is balanced with the objective of encouraging more population density and connecting villages … Continue reading Striking a Balance – Developing Sustainable Industry in Rural Laos

Xayaboury Province – Learning by Doing

We traveled for several hours to reach Xayabouly, which gave us an opportunity to discuss food ways and traditional agricultural practices in the region. In addition to farming rice and beans, many families keep their own livestock and collect fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the jungle. My host noted that although many rural provinces have … Continue reading Xayaboury Province – Learning by Doing

Vientiane ➡️ Luang Prabang

I have arrived in Laos and have the privilege of being hosted by Mr. Khamla Insounanh on an environmental sustainability reciprocal exchange. Khamla was hosted by the City of Mission Hills, KS on a professional development fellowship in April 2018. My first stop is Vientiane, which pronounced in Lao "Viang-Cun" (by my best approximation), and … Continue reading Vientiane ➡️ Luang Prabang